Blofeld Editor

The editor is out now! If you’re interested in purchasing this editor for the Waldorf Blofeld, please click the buy button below, and you will receive a download link shortly (I will try to send it as soon as possible, you will receive it within 24 hours at the latest!)

Price is 12 euro.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.04.37

It’s available as a standalone app for OS X & Windows and also as a Max For Live midi instrument (every parameter can be automated from within Ableton Live)

The standalone editor for windows needs the Max Runtime which is available for free here:
And obviously if you plan on using the max for live plugin, max for live is needed (which is included in Ableton Suite 9)

It’s intended for single mode use only at this point. I am however working on multimode support.


– bi-directional control of every parameter of the Blofeld (which are many!)
– full sysex support in ableton live without an external router!
– randomizer and initialisor per module
– patch mutator (allows for mutating current values by percentage)
– editor auto-updates to hardware (including patch name!)
– choose midi in and out ports.
– set a new patch name from within the editor using your keyboard
– load and save patches from and to your harddrive from within the editor
– load a random patch from the blofeld (one of the 1024 patches)
– create a dirty patch name at the press of a button (3600 possible swearing combinations included!)
– free updates for life

Current version is 1.23


WINDOWS: Just copy the whole folder containing the .exe somewhere, and launch the .exe. You can NOT rename any files, or it won’t work.
MAC: Just copy .app to your applications folder, and launch it. You can NOT rename the .app, or it won’t work.
M4L: read the enclosed readme file for additional information and just drag the .amxd file onto a midi channel in ableton.

This editor was developed by Ruben ‘SynnyS’ Hulzebosch in collaboration with Patrick ‘DSP’ Gharapetian. Copyright 2014 by Filthy Filterz. All rights reserved. All product and company names mentioned in this document, as well as the software it describes, are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

v1.1 -> v1.23

– editor now automatically*** updates when switching presets on the hardware
– fixed OSC 3 PWM sources
– Ableton Push functionality now fully optimized (all parameters are in the right order, instead of alphabetically)

– added envelope trigger modes
– added osc filter balance to mutate and randomize
– added IR buttons to FX 1 and FX 2
– added IR buttons to the operators as well
– optimized the way the editor handles the clocked or unlocked LFO values on screen.
– increased readability of the font
– some minor GUI optimization

*** this needs the new firmware v1.23 by waldorf to work properly!

v1.0 -> v1.1

– some minor GUI changes
– enabled scrollbars for people with very low resolution displays
– added a 64bit windows standalone build to get rid of the 32bit error when closing the application